Moravian Workbench Build At The WoodWright’s School With Will Myers

Moravian Workbench, Leg Vise, Lake Erie Toolworks

Heads up that our good friend Will Myers will be leading a series of five day classes building Moravian Workbenches at the WoodWright’s School during 2014 assisted by the main man himself – Roy Underhill.

The first two sessions: April 30th-May 4th and July 9th-13th are full at this time, but the third session is now open and will be scheduled in the near future based on the people signed up on the course waitlist. These workbenches are absolutely beautiful as well as functional and transportable. They also happen to feature a Lake Erie Toolworks wooden leg vise as a part of the bench.

Here’s a quick weblink to directly access the WoodWright’s website in case you want to join the fray.

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Announcing our March 2014 Workbench of the Month

Our March 2014 Workbench of the Month comes from Mark Harrell who is the owner of Bad Axe Tool Works in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Mark had us craft a tapped leg & wooden vise screw combination for his Roubo demonstration bench that he uses at trade shows.  He also makes fantastic custom saws that are without equal and we highly recommend that you give them a look-see if you are in the market for a new saw.  Enjoy!

Roubo Workbench, wooden vise, leg vise, Lake Erie Toolworks

Roubo Workbench, wooden vise, leg vise, Lake Erie Toolworks

Roubo Workbench, wooden vise, leg vise, Lake Erie Toolworks

What is it about big wooden vises I like so much?  I’ll tell you what:  durability, permanence, craft.  Nick Dombrowski makes a helluva product via Lake Erie Toolworks.  Great Stuff.  So with that in mind, check out what’s on my bench today:  the leg vise & screw o nmy trade-show-Roubo, made by Lake Erie Toolworks.  Fundamentally sound products.  Excellence unbounded.  This is one stout vise Nick Dombrowski makes.  You can’t help but give the wood screw a turn when you’re around it.

Mark Harrell – Bad Axe Tool Works – La Crosse, Wisconsin