Plate 11 Workbench Ready To Go – Now’s Your Opportunity

Quick heads up about our good friend Mark Hicks from the Plate 11 Bench Company. He will be demonstrating his Roubo style workbench kits at the upcoming Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events taking place at Jeff Miller’s Handcrafted Furniture location in Chicago, Illinois this Friday and Saturday, April 11th & 12th.

Furthermore, he has a fully stocked Roubo beauty ready for sale that features a Lake Erie Toolworks Premium Leg Vise kit that is tapped directly into the leg. This bench also features a Reproduction Roubo Plate 11 Iron Package hand forged by Peter Ross. This is one amazing workbench.

Here’s the link to the Plate 11 blog site with further details.

Plate 11 Roubo Workbench, Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise

Nick Dombrowski

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