Announcing our May 2015 Workbench of the Month

Our May 2015 Workbench of the Month comes to us from Marcus S. from Methuen, Massachusetts.  He has built one of the finest Roubo workbenches that we’ve ever seen and we think you’ll find the craftsmanship evident in this New England beauty.  Fantastic job Marcus!

Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise Workbench

Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise Workbench

Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise Workbench

Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise Workbench

I feel compelled to share my completed workbench with you folks in no small way because of the superior quality screw vise that I purchased from you over two years ago.

I started this bench prior to the birth of my second son and it was my first woodworking project of any substance. Even before purchasing the lumber I purchased the large screw vise from you folks. At the time I believe that it was the only vise screw that was being offered.

I started by sourcing two 16/4 ash slabs, 8ft long by about 10inches wide. Edge joined and then dressed flat with hand tools, this bench top lived a fairly quiet and unbothered life up on sawhorses in my basement workshop for two years. Eventually I added some width to it with more ash to accommodate a wagon vise.

In between changing diapers, applying bandages (you know how boys are) and work I managed to source a fir tiber for the legs and cut those foolish dovetail / mortises that Roubo cursed upon us in his Plate 11. Despite the labor intensive quality of doing this with hand tools, the results are spectacular and if those legs ever come lose in my lifetime I’ll be surprised.

Then this last December I got the itch and managed to complete the bench. The stretchers for the legs are ash as well. The stretchers are joined to the legs with drawbore tenons. The vise chop is 8/4 hard maple laminated to a spare piece of 4/4 birdseye hard maple and it grips like all get out.

Now that the never-ending bench project is complete, my wife has started requesting projects. I’ve been happy to oblige knowing that the leg vise grips like a bulldog. It has been an absolute pleasure to use.

I want to thank you for the superior product. I’ve enclosed a few photos of the bench in case you’re curious. Thanks again.

Marcus S. – Methuen, Massachusetts

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