Announcing our June 2015 Workbench of the Month

We have a very unique and special June 2015 offering for our Workbench of the Month feature.  This amazing table (yep, no workbench this time) comes to us from Chuck H. from Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  The details on this special feature are listed below, but it just goes to show that a wooden vise screw can be used for great mechanical and artistic wonders outside of the workbench zone.  We think you are all going to like and very much appreciate this special feature,  Enjoy.

Wooden Vise Screw, Lake Erie Toolworks

Wooden Vise Screw, Lake Erie Toolworks

Wooden Vise Screw, Lake Erie Toolworks

Wooden Vise Screw, Lake Erie Toolworks

Wooden Vise Screw, Lake Erie Toolworks

June2015-ScrewPicture6 Rack-and-Pinion-TablePic

My daughter and her husband have a metal table with a table top that can be raised and lowered with a rack and pinion gear set up (picture is enclosed). She wanted a console table for the room that would match the theme and period of the rack and pinion table. Accordingly, I made them a hard maple console table that incorporates a Lake Erie Screw Vise that operates (opens and closes) the two drawers.

The table is made from solid hard maple except for the 1⁄4” plywood used for the drawer bottoms. It measures 34” high, 34” wide and 13” deep. The screw vise hub and handle are stained with two coats of Jacobean stain and four coats of satin urethane to match the handle on the rack and pinion table. The external brass garter and screws were nickel plated in order to match the other décor in the room. The table top, side and back aprons and the legs are painted with a black satin enamel paint. The aprons are joined to the legs with dowel joinery. Two drawers are attached to a single drawer front and the garter and screw are attached to the center of the drawer front. The screw vise nut is built into the front table dividers and the partitions. Blocks are attached to the bottom of the drawers that allow the drawers to open fully but prevent the drawers from coming out of the table.

Nick of Lake Erie Toolworks was extremely helpful in answering questions when I was in the planning phase of the table. I really love the product that they make.

Chuck H.

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