Announcing our January 2016 Workbench Idea

As we kick off the new year for 2016, we have an amazing Roubo style workbench idea built by Ken K. from Birch Run, Michigan.  Ken has constructed a massive 600 pound bench that features 3 different vises to accommodate his woodworking needs.  What a great way to ring in the new year, extremely well done Ken.







The table top is 84’’ x 44’’ x 4-½” made from Maple. The legs are 6’’ x 6’’ x 34’’ also Maple. The runners & bench ends are made from Oak, as I ran out of the Maple. The leg vise is made from Black walnut and the leg vise leg was tapped by Lake Erie Toolworks to accept the wood screw (very well done, thank you). The end vise is a Lee Valley Twin Screw the width of the table. The other end is a Benchcrafted  tail vise.

All the lumber I cut from standing trees in Mid-Michigan three years ago in preparation for the day I got to make my very own bench. I used a Danish oil for the finish. The total weight is estimated at 600 lb’s.

Once I started the table it took about three months after work and weekend to complete. I still haven’t drilled the dog holes yet but I will soon.  All the vendors provided great instructions that made it easy to understand and install their products. I will admit I moved forward with great care to avoid any mistakes.

Ken K. – Birch Run, Michigan

2 thoughts on “Announcing our January 2016 Workbench Idea

  1. So what does that brand say on the “long stretcher”?

    Ray Lewis

    Eleven Projects LLC

    POB 457

    Independence, OR 97351


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