Lake Erie Sneak Peek – New Product Line Addition – We’d Like Your Comments

Our Lake Erie Toolworks Tagline says it all “Traditional Tools For Today’s Woodworker”.  To date we’ve developed, built and sold the finest quality wooden vises. But now it’s time to spread our wings and continue to add to our product portfolio and achieve our ultimate mission – namely to provide a full range of traditional tools for today’s woodworker.

Nick Dombrowski, the designer and engineer behind Lake Erie has been burning the midnight oil for some time now and has been working on the development of a brand new line of metal shoulder planes of his own design.  The design is loosely based on the Spiers and Norris style shoulder planes, but with a more modern look.  Before Nick gets too much further down the path, we wanted to show you some visual renderings of this new plane series and get your comments and feedback on this. So we thought it was time to have you help us to ensure that we’re making the absolute best shoulder plane possible.

Therefore, if you could click on the following link to respond to a very short and simple survey to give us some additional feedback on this new plane series, it would be very much appreciated.

Shoulder Plane Feedback Survey Link:

Thank you very much!




4 thoughts on “Lake Erie Sneak Peek – New Product Line Addition – We’d Like Your Comments

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