Improve your woodworking skills by taking the guesswork out of glue ups!

If you’ve always wanted to ensure a perfect panel glue-up but weren’t sure how to achieve this, we got the tool that covers you, namely, our Lake Erie Toolworks ClampGAUGE kit.

You can also now enjoy our ClampGAUGE Year End Savings Blitz! to get the best pricing ever offered on this amazing tool that allows you to achieve the glue manufacturers recommended clamping pressures for a proper panel glue up. No more wondering if you’ve put enough clamps on or if you’ve cranked the handle tight enough as the ClampGAUGE literally takes the guesswork out of glue-ups.

Check it out as our ClampGAUGE Sale is good until midnight ET on December 31, 2018.  Note that you can also enter our discount code “FREESHIP” during the online checkout process for Continental US Customers to enjoy free shipping on all orders of $99 and over.

Sounds like a double good chance to improve both your woodworking technique as well as save some dough at the same time.  Happy Holidays!

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