Workbench Idea Is Actually a Book Press

Although our Lake Erie Toolworks wooden vise screw kits are typically used for workbench vises, on occasion we have customers that use them for non-workbench type applications such as book presses, printing presses and wine presses.

This said, for our latest Workbench Idea, we have a unique Book Press for your review that was designed by Larry Seeman from Carmel, California and built by Tony Andrews from Santa Cruz, California. Here you go.

Lake Erie Toolworks, Wood Vise Screw, Book Press

Lake Erie Toolworks, Wood Vise Screw, Book Press

Hi Nick, I thought you might like to see how I used your 2X Vice Screw in my new Standing Book Press. Came out nice, see 2 pics. The press is mostly hard maple, same as your Vice Screw and the platen that is raised and lowered to press the books is teak.  Vice Screw is attached to block that lifts the Teak platen via a 1” stainless steel threaded rod that is epoxied into the end of the Vice Screw and attaches to the lifting block that has a 1” flange bearing mounted on the bottom of the lifting block. I am the designer and Tony Andrews of Santa Cruz is the woodworker who executed it.

Larry Seeman – Carmel, CA

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