New Lake Erie Toolworks Distributor – Highland Woodworking

We are extremely excited and happy to announce that Highland Woodworking is now a stocking distributor for Lake Erie Toolworks.

Highland will specifically stock our Wood Vise Screw Premium Kit which can be used for Leg, Tail, Face and Twin Screw vise installations as well as our Wood Wagon Vise Screw Premium kit with extended wooden nut to ensure a simplified wagon vise installation.

We would encourage you all to check Highland out for not only our Lake Erie vise kits, but also for the many other fine woodworking tools and products that they offer for sale.  Plus, they are just a great group of people to deal with. Enjoy!

Lake Erie Toolworks, Highland Woodworking, Leg Vise, Wagon Vise, Wood Vise Screw


Lee Valley – New Stocking Distributor For Lake Erie Vises

Great news! Now our customers have another source to obtain Lake Erie Vises other than our Lake Erie Toolworks website. We are proud to announce that Lee Valley is now a stocking distributor for our Premium Leg and Wagon Vise Kits effective immediately. Here’s the link to the Lee Valley Site for our Vise Products.

Nick’s been very busy in the shop lately cranking out production like a well oiled machine in order to provide Lee Valley with their initial inventory of these vise kits. As a matter of fact, that’s him standing next to the two crates of vises heading to the Lee Valley warehouses just below here.

Leg Vise, Wagon Vise, Tail Vise

Now that this large order has been filled, we can also concentrate on building up some more inventory of our various Vise Kits to serve your direct website orders in a very timely manner, so don’t be afraid to keep the orders coming as our turnaround time is about to get a whole lot faster.

Note: Lee Valley has chosen to call our Lake Erie Wagon Vises – “Tail Vises” in their online and print catalogs. Just wanted to give you all a heads up on this matter.