Woodcraft Magazine”Great Gear” Review of Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vises

Heads up that Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vises are in the latest issue of Woodcraft Magazine (Feb/Mar 2020).  You can check out the update in their “Great Gear” section via the following link.

Woodcraft also happens to be one of the premier distributors of Lake Erie Toolworks products and can be accessed online via their Woodcraft.com website.

Woodcraft Magazine, Lake Erie Toolworks, Moxon Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vise

Fine Woodworking Positive Review of Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vise

This just in, Fine Woodworking’s positive Tool Review in their June 2017 magazine issue on our Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vise.  Thank you to Matt Kenney – Fine Woodworking’s Special Projects Editor & Co-Host of their Podcast – Shop Talk Live.

Lake Erie Toolworks, Fine Woodworking, Moxon Vise, Tool Review