Announcing the Lake Erie Toolworks – 2X Wood Vise – Fastest Threaded Workbench Vise On the Planet!

If you’ve been pondering the idea of building your dream workbench but just haven’t been able to settle on the proper vise to use, we have your answer.  Announcing the new Lake Erie Toolworks – 2X Wood Vise – Which happens to be not only the largest wooden production vise on the market, but is also the fastest threaded workbench vise on the planet – be it metal or wooden.

This brand new vise is powered by a massive 3″ diameter screw that has a 1 TPI (1 Turn per Inch) double start thread.  The vise action can also best be described as “smooth as butter”.  This makes for a simply amazing and game-changing workbench vise to help you craft your woodworking projects in record time.

We’ve been building and testing out prototypes of the 2X Wood Vise for quite some time but we’ve always had a challenge in finding a lumber supplier that could provide a stable supply of the huge billets of hard maple.  It must be all that clean living we do, but we’ve finally lined up a reliable source.

Lake Erie Toolworks is now announcing a pre-order special via our website on the 2X Wood Vise if you place your order by July 31, 2018 at 12 PM EDT.

So if you’ve been dreaming of the perfect vise – now’s your chance to jump in, because the water is FINE!

Lake Erie Toolworks, 2X Wood Vise, Wooden Vise, Leg Vise



Custom Lathe Drive Center

We are in the process of finishing up a run of bookbinding equipment for a store in Michigan and the order called for finished product (we normally sell our vises unfinished).  One of the vises uses a screw similar to our Moxon vises only smaller.

In order to finish them, we dip them in oil finish and then wipe off the excess.  The only problem is we had 50 of this type to do and hand turning the screws to wipe off each thread would take waaayyy to long.  The solution I came up with was a custom drive center for our lathe.

I modeled the shape of the drive center in our CAD software of choice, Fusion 360.  Then using the built in CAM (computer aided manufacturing, programs CNC mill to cut out parts), I programmed and cut out the custom drive center from a scrap piece of hard maple.  You can watch the YouTube video below to see how it went from a block of wood to a useful tool, as well as how it’s used.  We used our Tormach 770 as it has vises already mounted to it, although we could have just as easily used our ShopSabre IS510 CNC router.

This was a great little shop project which made the job go much quicker and a bonus feature of the drive center is that it is also compatible with our standard Moxon vises if we end up finishing some of them.

Red Oak Roubo Workbench Kits – That’s the Ticket

As you decide which workbench style is right for you and if a Roubo is where you are headed, we suggest you take a look at our good friends from Re-Co Bklyn to consider their green Red Oak Roubo Workbench Kits.

These green (partially air dried) Red Oak workbench kits feature a slab bench top, legs, stretchers and chop, custom sized by you and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. This lumber has also been harvested from reclaimed trees from the metro New York City Area.  Great for the environment and great for you.

Roubo Workbench Kit


We also know that Christopher Schwarz is a fan of Slab workbench construction, and has had great success building this type of workbench, so it must be good.  Plus it will save you the time and effort of having to glue up a workbench top – which is no small amount of work.

Frankly, the only other choice you’ll have to make here if you decide to pursue this bench kit is for which type of vise to marry up with your red oak chop to power this workbench.  If your choice happens to be a fully wooden vise screw kit, we know some people that can hook you up there.

Best regards,

Lake Erie Toolworks

New Lake Erie Toolworks International Distributor – Dictum

We would like to announce that Dictum has now joined the Lake Erie Toolworks family as our latest International distributor covering Germany, Austria and much of Europe.

The vise stock inventory has now been received in Germany and the Dictum catalog, stores and online website are ready to roll for a lot of happy woodworkers ready to get their workbenches underway.

Welcome aboard Dictum!



Announcing our January 2016 Workbench Idea

As we kick off the new year for 2016, we have an amazing Roubo style workbench idea built by Ken K. from Birch Run, Michigan.  Ken has constructed a massive 600 pound bench that features 3 different vises to accommodate his woodworking needs.  What a great way to ring in the new year, extremely well done Ken.







The table top is 84’’ x 44’’ x 4-½” made from Maple. The legs are 6’’ x 6’’ x 34’’ also Maple. The runners & bench ends are made from Oak, as I ran out of the Maple. The leg vise is made from Black walnut and the leg vise leg was tapped by Lake Erie Toolworks to accept the wood screw (very well done, thank you). The end vise is a Lee Valley Twin Screw the width of the table. The other end is a Benchcrafted  tail vise.

All the lumber I cut from standing trees in Mid-Michigan three years ago in preparation for the day I got to make my very own bench. I used a Danish oil for the finish. The total weight is estimated at 600 lb’s.

Once I started the table it took about three months after work and weekend to complete. I still haven’t drilled the dog holes yet but I will soon.  All the vendors provided great instructions that made it easy to understand and install their products. I will admit I moved forward with great care to avoid any mistakes.

Ken K. – Birch Run, Michigan

New Lake Erie Toolworks Distributor – Highland Woodworking

We are extremely excited and happy to announce that Highland Woodworking is now a stocking distributor for Lake Erie Toolworks.

Highland will specifically stock our Wood Vise Screw Premium Kit which can be used for Leg, Tail, Face and Twin Screw vise installations as well as our Wood Wagon Vise Screw Premium kit with extended wooden nut to ensure a simplified wagon vise installation.

We would encourage you all to check Highland out for not only our Lake Erie vise kits, but also for the many other fine woodworking tools and products that they offer for sale.  Plus, they are just a great group of people to deal with. Enjoy!

Lake Erie Toolworks, Highland Woodworking, Leg Vise, Wagon Vise, Wood Vise Screw


Announcing Our December 2015 Workbench Idea

As we close out 2015, we have a tremendous workbench idea that combines the best of a Roubo mixed with a Shaker Style bench from Jeff J. who hails from Noblesville, Indiana.  This is one fine workbench that has plenty of storage for Jeff’s tools but also plenty of capacity & space to clamp whatever is being built.

Lake Erie Toolworks, Roubo Workbench, Shaker Style Workbench, Leg Vise, Wooden Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks, Roubo Workbench, Shaker Style Workbench, Leg Vise, Wooden Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks, Roubo Workbench, Shaker Style Workbench, Leg Vise, Wooden Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks, Roubo Workbench, Shaker Style Workbench, Leg Vise, Wooden Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks, Roubo Workbench, Shaker Style Workbench, Leg Vise, Wooden Vise

Dear Sirs,  my son finally convinced me to send pictures to you of the workbench I built 3 years ago with lumber that I accidentally stumbled onto while attending a small Estate Auction.  I was able to purchase 14 pieces of 3” x 5” x 80” rough cut maple boards for $100 and decided at that time to build the workbench I had always dreamed of building.

I spent the next weekend planing and finishing the wood and assembling the frame and top.  My son helped me assemble the main bench with recessed lag bolts which are covered with 1/8” thick walnut plugs which allow the workbench to be broken down for moving at a later date if necessary.

The following two weekends were spent building the center drawers and storage compartments for all of my wood working hand tools and wood planes.

This storage cabinet measures 19” tall x 24” deep x 58” long and consists of 12 individual sliding drawers with the main carcass being built from 3/4 birch plywood.  The face frame was built from walnut and the drawer fronts were built from walnut and curly maple with solid brass knobs.  The back side of the storage cabinet was partitioned off into 9 individual shelf areas for storage of my larger wood planes. Another weekend was spent mounting the leg vise and end vise and putting the final touches to the project.

The workbench stands 34” tall and is 30” wide by 72” long and weighs in at a hefty and very stable 450 pounds.  The workbench was finished off with several coats of boiled linseed oil while the drawer fronts were finished with several coats of clear satin polyurethane finish.  The workbench has become the centerpiece of my woodworking shop and the envy of all of my woodworking friends.

Jeff J. –  Noblesville, Indiana