Handworks 2015 Event – See You There – May 15th-16th

Heads up that Lake Erie Toolworks will be at the upcoming Handworks 2015 Event being held in Amana, Iowa on May 15th-16th.  We encourage everyone to come on out to this amazing Hand Tool Woodworking event to meet the Lake Erie team including Nick, Rachel and Joseph Dombrowski and to see the latest wooden vise products that we’ll be featuring at this show.

If you haven’t had a chance to test out the smooth action feel, functionality and speed of an actual wooden vise screw clamping system – now’s your opportunity to try it out first hand.

Also, at this free event, you’ll have a chance to meet many of your favorite Woodworking heroes, including Christopher Schwarz, Roy Underhill and many others. In addition, the Studley Tool Chest Exhibit that will be taking place in concert with the Handworks event is an absolute must see.

So what are you waiting for?  Book your travel now and plan to be at this premier event on May 15th-16th and we’ll see you all there.

Handworks 2015 Event

Plate 11 Workbench + Lake Erie Toolworks Leg Vise = One Amazing Roubo

What happens when you sync up a Plate 11 Workbench Kit with a Lake Erie Toolworks wooden vise kit? You end up with one amazing Roubo Workbench that will help you build some tremendous things in your home workshop.

This said, if you happen to be attending the upcoming Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Round Rock (Austin), Texas coming up on November 21-22, 2014, you will get to see and ‘kick the tires” on this great Roubo for yourself.

Our good friend Mark Hicks from Plate 11 Bench Company will be attending this event held at Techshop to demonstrate the great features of his workbench kits, but he will also be offering a special price on a fully built and ready to go Roubo Workbench that comes equipped with a wooden leg vise from Lake Erie, a Criss-Cross from Benchcrafted and an iron planing stop from Peter Ross all for just $3200. Simply too good to pass up.

Wooden Leg Vise, Lake Erie Toolworks, Roubo, Plate 11 Workbench Company

Wooden Leg Vise, Lake Erie Toolworks, Roubo, Plate 11 Workbench Company

For some additional background on Mark Hicks and the Plate 11 Workbench Company, here’s a link to a Highland Woodworking Video Blog post from the recent Woodworking in America 2014 event held in North Carolina. We hope you enjoy this.

Take care, Nick Dombrowski

Announcing Handworks 2015

Heads up that Lake Erie Toolworks will be participating in the “Handworks 2015” event that will be taking place in Amana, Iowa on May 15-16th, 2015. This gathering will also feature many other high quality woodworking toolmakers and celebrities (like Roy Underhill) from the woodworking world and we would greatly encourage you all to come on out to this tremendous extravaganza.  It might be a year away, but the time will go quickly, so make your plans soon.

handworks 2015

Plate 11 Workbench Ready To Go – Now’s Your Opportunity

Quick heads up about our good friend Mark Hicks from the Plate 11 Bench Company. He will be demonstrating his Roubo style workbench kits at the upcoming Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events taking place at Jeff Miller’s Handcrafted Furniture location in Chicago, Illinois this Friday and Saturday, April 11th & 12th.

Furthermore, he has a fully stocked Roubo beauty ready for sale that features a Lake Erie Toolworks Premium Leg Vise kit that is tapped directly into the leg. This bench also features a Reproduction Roubo Plate 11 Iron Package hand forged by Peter Ross. This is one amazing workbench.

Here’s the link to the Plate 11 blog site with further details.

Plate 11 Roubo Workbench, Lake Erie Toolworks, Leg Vise

Nick Dombrowski

Woodworking In America 2013 Event

Lake Erie Toolworks was an exhibitor at the recent Woodworking In America 2013 Event that took place in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 18th-20th. This years show was very well attended with literally hundreds of woodworkers receiving training from the top names in the woodworking industry. The event exhibit area also had many booths from today’s top woodworking tool providers showing their latest wares.

For those of you who haven’t seen us, here’s the team that powers Lake Erie Toolworks at our WIA2013 Event Booth.  Starting from the left is Nick Dombrowski (The brains behind Lake Erie), Rachel Dombrowski (Nick’s beautiful wife and office guru) and Jeff Dombrowski (Nick’s father and operational support go-to guy).   Lake Erie Toolworks Team

Our Lake Erie booth had many visitors and it was great to meet with so many woodworkers to show them our wooden vise products first hand. Some of the consistent comments we heard were: it’s amazing how large the vise screws are, how fast and smooth the vise screw action is and how strong the clamping force is. The overall experience can best be summed up as “fast as can be, smooth as silk and strong as an ox”. Now we have our work cut out for us to try and capture such a “tactile” hands-on experience into a “visual” format for our website and videos and also to do it justice.

We also received a lot of wonderful ideas and suggestions from our audience that we will be putting into play in short order such as the following:

  • Provide Lake Erie Moxon Vises with smaller wooden screws
  • Provide Sketch-Up models of our vise screws & vise installations to help woodworkers when they are designing their workbenches
  • Create a video that shows how to finish and wax a vise screw & nut
  • Provide for more interactive comments on the Workbench of the Month

One of the primary benefits of the WIA2013 Event was that you had a large gathering of the finest woodworking industry leaders and professional tool makers available that you could speak with first hand. Names like Chris Schwarz, Roy Underhill, Tom Lie-Nielsen, Robin Lee, Peter Ross, Ron Hock, Mark Harrell and Don Williams were all on hand to talk with the event attendees.  It is rare that you have such a brain trust of talent present in one place at one time but here’s a picture that captures this point for your enjoyment.Wood Toolmakers

This all said, it was a very successful event for us and we want to thank all of our many customers for your continued patronage and supportive comments and suggestions as we strive to bring you the best products possible.