La Forge Royale Miter Jack Screw and Nut Kit Pre-Order – One More Chance To Jump Onboard

For everyone that wished they sprung for the pieces & parts to complete the amazing Benchcrafted La Forge Royale Miter Jack Vise which was powered by a Lake Erie Toolworks built wooden vise screw and nut, you have one more chance to catch the train before it leaves the station.

Lake Erie Toolworks is doing a limited production run of Miter Jack hard maple vise screws & threaded nut blocks to accommodate the Benchcrafted “La Forge Royale Miter Jack”.

The wooden vise screw and threaded nut block can be ordered through Lake Erie Toolworks directly via this link. Once it says “Out of Stock”, that means we have sold out of the pre-order.  We may have some extras but can only guarantee a Miter Jack Kit to those who pre-order.

The remaining metal vise parts will have to be purchased from Benchcrafted BEFORE ordering your vise screw and nut block from Lake Erie Toolworks to make sure that you have what you need in order to complete the Miter Jack Vise.

Domestic USA shipping is included in the price of the Vise Screw & Nut pre-order, while international shipping will be calculated individually and billed separately.

Note that this is a pre-order for these wooden vise kit components which are expected to be completed and ready for shipment from Lake Erie Toolworks by early June 2017.

Don’t miss the train this time so we encourage you to jump onboard before we leave the station, quite possibly for the last time on this particular vise.

Best regards,
Jeff Dombrowski – Lake Erie Toolworks

(All photos courtesy of Benchcrafted Blog and website.)

Lake Erie Toolworks, Wooden Vise Screw, La Forge Royale Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks, Wooden Vise Screw, La Forge Royale Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks, Wooden Vise Screw, La Forge Royale Vise

La Forge Royale Miter Jack Wood Screw and Nut

Benchcrafted may have sold out of their La Forge Royale Miter Jack kits, but the good news is that they still have the metal bits portion of the kit available for sale for $38 on their website. (Link here to Benchrafted’s Blog on this topic).

The other good news here is that Nick at Lake Erie Toolworks also has a few wooden vise screws and tapped nuts for this kit ready to go for those that may have interest here.  The price is $150 for a wood screw & nut combination which also includes domestic shipping.  If you have interest here, drop Nick an email quickly as their sure to go fast. La Forge Royale Miter Vise, Lake Erie Toolworks. Wooden Vise Screw

La Forge Royale Miter Jack Hardware Kit

Heads up that we’ve been working with Jameel Abraham to construct and provide the wooden vise screw and nut components for the La Forge Royale Miter Jack kit that Benchcrafted is putting together.  For additional details on this limited run vise, select the link below – but act quickly as they are sure to go fast.

La Forge Royale Miter Jack Kit Information

La Forge Royale Miter Kit, Lake Erie Toolworks

La Forge Royale Miter Vise – Picture Courtesy of Benchcrafted