Woodcraft Magazine”Great Gear” Review of Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vises

Heads up that Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vises are in the latest issue of Woodcraft Magazine (Feb/Mar 2020).  You can check out the update in their “Great Gear” section via the following link.

Woodcraft also happens to be one of the premier distributors of Lake Erie Toolworks products and can be accessed online via their Woodcraft.com website.

Woodcraft Magazine, Lake Erie Toolworks, Moxon Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vise

Wooden Vise Highlights Video, Check It Out!

Just posted a quick Lake Erie Toolworks Wooden Vise Highlights video on our website home page.  If you have a minute to spare take a look / see.  I suspect you might even like the ‘bluesy’ music the video is cut with.  Enjoy!

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Workshop Review of the Lake Erie Moxon

For those of you who may have been contemplating a Moxon Vise in your woodworking tool future, you may want to take a look at this before you make your final choice.

Courtesy of Brian McCauley and Brandon Marshall from “Workshop Review” they’ve put our Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon and Moxon Lite Vises through the proverbial squeeze.  We encourage you to take a look to see how we made out.  Enjoy!

Lake Erie Toolworks, Moxon Vise, Wood Vise

Fine Woodworking Positive Review of Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vise

This just in, Fine Woodworking’s positive Tool Review in their June 2017 magazine issue on our Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon Vise.  Thank you to Matt Kenney – Fine Woodworking’s Special Projects Editor & Co-Host of their Podcast – Shop Talk Live.

Lake Erie Toolworks, Fine Woodworking, Moxon Vise, Tool Review



New Lake Erie Toolworks International Distributor In the UK- Classic Hand Tools

Announcing that Classic Hand Tools has joined the growing Lake Erie Toolworks family as our latest International distributor covering the United Kingdom and much of Europe.

The vise stock inventory is ready to go in Witnesham, Suffolk and our UK and other European customers are now ready to roll.  Let the bench building and dovetail cutting commence.

Welcome aboard Classic Hand Tools!


Offerman Woodshop Rocks the Moxon!

Great news!  Offerman Woodshop has now joined the growing ranks of proud Lake Erie Toolworks Moxon vise users and here’s the Instagram post that shows the Moxon ready to roll.

Lake Erie Toolworks, Moxon Vise, Offerman Woodshop

With Nick Offerman (accomplished Woodworker, Author & Actor) and all of the great woodworkers that call the Offerman Woodshop home, we’re very proud that our Moxon vise now lives in Los Angeles.

Announcing Our April 2016 Workbench Idea

Our April 2016 Workbench Idea is a special one featuring our new Moxon wood vise.  This comes to us from Daniel C. an accomplished chair builder from Naples, Maine who sums it up best by saying: “Your Moxon vise is tougher than a Maine boiled owl!!! Nice work.”

What more can we say, so all you chair builders out there, take a look!

Lake Erie Toolworks, Moxon Vise, Wooden Screw Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks, Moxon Vise, Wooden Screw Vise

Lake Erie Toolworks, Moxon Vise, Wooden Screw Vise

Started chair building 20 years ago. Taught by Mike Dunbar. Have a fully equipped chair workshop on the shore of Brandy pond , Maine.

Couldn’t be happier with the vise. Allows me to shape at any angle the wide chair seats with draw knife and spoke shave. Easy to change grain angles.

Can knife and shave with some force to shape all sides of the Windsor sack back chair seat. I pulled and tugged the chair seat sides with the drawknife – no problem.

Your Moxon vise is tougher than a Maine boiled owl!!! Nice work.

Daniel C. – Naples, Maine


New Lake Erie Toolworks Website

Heads up that our new Lake Erie Toolworks Website is now up and running at www.LakeErieToolworks.com.

The new website features the following:

  • Simple and clean design that is very easy to navigate
  • Enhanced web shop that makes secure online buying a snap
  • Quick access to all of our wooden vise products
  • New Workbench Ideas feature to easily find over 60 customer workbench designs
  • Direct website viewing of wooden vise installation and usage videos
  • Plus much more

We hope you enjoy as we continue to work to improve our online customer user experience.

Best regards,
Jeff Dombrowski – Lake Erie Toolworks

Lake Erie Toolworks